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The Trees Day Care Nursery

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50 Westwood Road
SO17 1DP

Telephone: 02380 678888
Email: portswood@thetrees.co.uk

The Trees Portswood, is based in a quiet residential area, in a large detached Victorian house has been extensively refurbished to create the perfect nursery facility.

The nursery is ideally located to explore the immediate environment and surroundings, with children taking regular trips to the local shops and park to feed the ducks. The nursery hosts activities by visiting groups, including 'Story Time' sessions with the local library and 'Zoo Lab', who bring along a selection of different animals and reptiles for children to see and learn more about. We also have a visiting Yoga instructor, where the older children can take some gentle exercise and learn 'Makaton' (a form of sign language), which is used alongside speech to enhance communication skills.

Nursery Manager

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The nursery manager is Kerry Way, who started work at The Trees in 2003. She worked her way up in the nursery gaining experience in every aspect of child care. Kerry has the NVQ Level 3 in Child Care and undertakes regular training courses. She was promoted to Manager in 2010 and runs the nursery with a team of highly experienced staff.

Kerry has successfully created a warm and inviting atmosphere at the nursery. She places great importance on nurturing children and helping them fulfil their full potential by offering them as many new experiences as possible.

With its close proximity to the Common, library and local shops, the nursery is ideally located to explore the immediate environment and surroundings, with children taking regular trips to the local shops and park to feed the ducks. The nursery also organises various activities by visiting groups, including a Story Time session by the local library and visits by Zoo Lab, which brings in different animals and reptiles for children to see and learn about. A Yoga instructor attends once a fortnight for older children to experience some gentle exercise and everyone learns Makaton (a form of sign language), which is used alongside speech to enhance communication skills.

Kerry is a committed and hard working Manager, who inspires her staff to excel both in their professional work and personal development. She has an understanding and approachable manner which makes her popular with both her staff and the children she cares for.

Kerry is passionate about the health and happiness of children in her care and understands the impact of emotional aspects of a nursery for children. Over the last 12 years, she has helped the nursery grow with the Early Years Foundation Stage.

The Staff Team

Caring for children is an important and challenging career. The right person and good training can make a huge difference to your childís enjoyment of their time at nursery. Therefore, the majority of staff at the nursery hold the NVQ Level 3 in Child Care, or are working towards it.

We also have 2 senior staff training towards their Level 5 foundation degree in Early Years Care and Education.

All have a Paediatric First Aid Certificate and Food Hygiene Certificate, both of which are renewed every three years. In addition, all staff are carefully vetted through the Criminal Records Bureau and personal references are taken up when they first join the team.

Our ratio of children to staff ensures that children are looked after in a carefully monitored environment. The ratios of staff to children are as follows:

Babies - 1 year olds 1 : 3
1 - 2 year olds 1 : 3
2 - 3 year olds 1 : 4
3 Ė 5 year olds 1 : 8

Settling-in Period

New children and parents have three settling in sessions at the nursery. The first is an introductory session, lasting an hour, during which time parents meet staff and then introduce their child to the nursery staff.

During this session parents are advised of routines and procedures in place at the nursery, complete the relevant paperwork and spend the rest of the time playing with their child and familiarising themselves with their surroundings.

The second session lasts one and a half hours and parents are encouraged to leave their children for short periods to allow them to adjust and begin to feel comfortable in their new environment.

The third, two-hour session, usually takes place over a lunch time or tea time and parents are, again, encouraged to leave their child for longer periods to enable them to start socialising with their peers and getting to know their new friends.

Nursery Facilities

The facilities at the nursery are separated into four age groups:

The Baby Unit

The Unit can accommodate babies up to 1 year old and has a large well-equipped playroom and adjoining sleeping room with separate milk kitchen and nappy changing facilities. All children have their own labelled cot in the sleeping room and individual sterilisers in the milk kitchen. Babies are weighed at the request of parents to keep track of growth, health and development. Daily routines are kept for all children and parents are encouraged to spend time with staff discussing their child's day.

1 - 2 Year Olds

The toddlers have three large playrooms, well equipped for all activities. A 'messy' room for water and creative activities. The second room is a quiet room with home corner, story corner, construction and role play area. The third room is equipped for all activities and a quite area. This group also has a Sensory room and sleeping area with mood lighting and soft music where children can explore a range of sensory toys or take their scheduled nap.

2 - 3 Year Olds

The nursery has two spacious well-equipped playrooms for 2 year olds, one for 'messy' activities and the second for quiet activities which, after lunch, becomes a sleep room. There is direct access off the play rooms into the garden, which allows children to use the garden throughout the day during their activity time. This group has a fairly structured routine and follows weekly activity plans. Potty training is provided for younger children, if required.

3 - 5 Year Olds

The 3-5 age group have two large well-equipped playrooms with wet play and carpeted areas catering for all activities, learning and play. There is a carefully planned routine to the day and the children follow structured weekly activity plans, which include discussion time and place emphasis on pre-school education. Comprehensive pre-school learning including colours, letters, writing, numbers and shapes becomes more prominent in this age group, in preparation for school. This group also has direct access to the garden from their playrooms, enabling them to use the garden throughout the day.

Outside Space

The nursery has large gardens with a good sized play area, including large climbing frames and bark area. There is wet weather gear available for children, when needed, to enable them to use the garden in all weather conditions. There is also a large canopy in the garden which provides shelter from rain or sunshine and the borders are lined with large trees which provide plenty of shade during the summer.

Food & Mealtimes

A good diet is essential for the health and happiness of children and the nursery has designed a selection of well-planned menus which are nutritious and tasty, using a combination of fresh fruit, vegetables and protein. It caters for most dietary needs and children use a series of colour-coded placemats to help identify their dietary requirements. Menus are varied and all meals are cooked freshly on site.

Breakfast is available for children and babies, followed by a mid morning snack. A cooked meal is provided at lunch time, followed by tea in the afternoon. Drinking water is available for all children at all times, as is a fruit bowl in each age group, which children can help themselves in between meals.

Lunchtime is the most important meal of the day when staff and children eat the same meal together at tables in the playrooms. It is a great opportunity for children to try new foods and for everyone to enjoy the social side of mealtimes. Older children are encouraged to serve their own meals and help clean up after themselves. After lunch, children are encouraged to brush their teeth, thereby promoting healthy habits from an early age.

The following is a sample menu at The Trees, Portswood:

Day Breakfast Snack Lunch Tea


The nursery door is securely locked at all times and only a member of the nursery staff is authorised to open it. Parents are requested not to answer the door if they hear the doorbell ring. Staff will check IDís and passwords for anyone collecting a child, other than the primary carer and will not allow anyone they do not know, or who does not have prior consent, entry into the building.

Opening Hours

Normal opening hours are 8.00 am to 6.00 pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. However, the nursery offers an early start opening at 7.00 am and a late finish closing at 7.00 pm, which is charged at an hourly rate.

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Pricing Schedule (as from 10 February 2020)

Age Mornings Afternoons One Day Full Time
  (8.00 am to
1.00 pm)
(1.00 pm to
6.00 pm)
(8.00am to
Per Month
3 months to 3 years £35.00 £33.50 £60.50 £1150.00
3 years to 5 years £34.50 £33.00 £59.00 £1110.00

flexible sessions available

1. Prices are inclusive of all meals and consumable such as nappies etc.

2. For details relating to these please refer to the Terms and Conditions of the Company's Day Care Nursery Facilities Agreement.

3. It should be noted that the fee paid is for an annual facility during opening hours and is payable monthly in advance for 52 weeks per year.

4. The Day Care Nursery will be closed on Bank Holidays also between Christmas and New Year, the fees have been calculated accordingly and there will be no adjustment for any distortions caused.

5. A discount of 10% of the fees for a minimum of three full days or 20% for full time is available for siblings attending the Nursery at the same time as each other where the youngest child is being paid at the full time rate.

6. Grant funding only covers education for 38/39 weeks per year. All other costs, including food, consumables and service, will be charged separately to the parents or clients.

The nursery accepts childcare vouchers. To find out more, please speak to the nursery Manager.

What Parents say about the Nursery

It is always reassuring to know that other parents are happy with the care and service we provide, so below is a small selection of their comments:

"Time and time again it is abundantly clear that the staff at The Trees love their job and this is well reflected in the care and education our children have received".

"Both Cxxx and Cxxxxx have had a lovely time at The Trees and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff that have helped them over the last 6 years. They have fond memories of many of the staff, as do both of us".

"She had a great time with all the staff and will miss everybody at The Trees Day Care Nursery".

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the staff at The Trees for the care and support that they have given to us over the past four years. We have been delighted with the quality of care offered to Cxxxxxx".